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Pentesec are the most technically accredited Check Point Partner in the world and two time winner of Check Point's EMEA Partner of the Year Award.

Pentesec are one of just fifteen Elite Check Point partners globally, two times winner of the Check Point EMEA Partner of the Year award, the only Elite partner in EMEA to operate a training centre and the most technically accredited Check Point partner in the world. 

We take each of the training courses that Check Point create and bring them to life, applying the course content to your real-world experiences.  With additional insight, tips and best practices from our Master Instructors, we provide you with a learning experience that will enhance your skill set and set you apart from others. 

Why is Training with Pentesec Different?

To be a Pentesec Instructor, you need knowledge and real-world experience.  Every one of our instructors are full-time members of our Professional Services team, who spend most of their time working directly with our customers to deliver complex security solutions based on the products that they are teaching to our students.  Not only are they certified Check Point Security Masters (CCSM) and accredited product specialists, they work with Check Point products daily in diverse client environments.

For a Pentesec consultant, teaching a Check Point course is another opportunity to pass on their experience, tips and, more importantly, security best practices to our customers.  Spending time with students in a classroom setting, whether it is physical or virtual, allows consultants to answer student’s questions, even if they fall outside the core course content, making the training experience unique to each attendee. 

We want our courses to be accessible to anyone, no matter where they are in the world – so whether you join remotely, or attend our training centre in Peterborough, your experience will be the same.  We have developed our own cloud-based student lab delivery platform which is accessible from any location and uses a simple web-browser interface that allows students training remotely to use their own preferred computing platform, whether it’s running Windows, Linux or OSX. 

Our instructors work hard to make the course interactive and adapt the core course content to include the latest product developmentsinviting students to ask questions and explore the topics far beyond the standard course slide decks.  The experience our instructors bring into the classroom helps them to contextualise the topics being studied by the class, which in turn leads to a deeper understanding for our students and a stronger foundation for their exam preparation. 

Of course, we want our students to pass their accreditation exam, but we also want each delegate to feel that they have gained useful, practical knowledge from our courses and can confidently return to their day jobs and make a noticeable impact with the skills that they have gained.  

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