Check Point Authorised Training
Check Point Authorised Training
Check Point Authorised Training

Check Point Certified Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist (CCMS) R80.x

Course Details

This two day course provides a comprehensive understanding of the Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management solution and describe how to deploy it within the corporate network environment.


• Multi-Domain Security Management
• MDSM Installation and Configuration
• MDSM Log Management
• Global Policy Management
• MDSM Troubleshooting
• Incorporating VSX


• Demonstrating Multi-Domain Security Management
• Migrating a Security Management Server into a Domain Management Server
• Implementing Management High Availability
• Deploying a Multi-Domain Log Server
• Regionalising the Multi-Domain Environment
• Deploying a Global Policy
• Integrating SmartEvent into Multi-Domain Environment
• Deploying VSX in a Multi-Domain Environment (Optional)


• Discuss challenges associated with securing large-scale business organisations with
distributed network environments.
• Describe the Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management solution and its benefits.
• Understand the components of MDSM and how they work together to help administrators manage
multiple network security environments within a single management framework.
• Understand how to install and configure the Multi-Domain Security Management environment.
• Describe how to implement Management High Availability within the MDSM environment.
• Discuss the two types of log server options used to store logs in the Multi-Domain Security
Management environment, and how they differ.
• Understand how to manage and view Multi-Domain activity logs in SmartConsole.
• Understand how to configure and implement Global Policy to manage rules for multiple domains.
• Identify various MDSM command line tools commonly used to retrieve information and perform
configuration changes on a MDSM Server.
• Describe troubleshooting tools to use for addressing MDSM Server issues.
• Understand how VSX works and how to integrate the technology within the MDSM environment.

duration2 Days

price£1,295.00 — £1,430.00


Stuart House East Wing
St Johns Rd